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    Does Depression Indicate Sinfulness?

    Not always! Not often!
    Depression is seldom understood or addressed.
    It is time for that to change!!! 

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    Carlton L. Coon Sr.
    Depression:  Invisible and Intolerable

    Some people never seem to even be downhearted. In Happy Holidays, the story is told of two church elders. One was always “up” and expressed difficulty in understanding why other people, “let themselves become depressed.” The man simply did not have a problem in that area.
        Another elder in the same church, suffered frequent bouts of despondency. His business life was stressful, and he internalized those feelings. He also struggled with conflicts left over from childhood. Both men were committed to their church, and genuinely loved other people. Yet, one often experienced depression while the other managed to cope with whatever setbacks came his way. Both were good men with significant influence. The man who did not fight depression was not better or stronger than the other. He simply had a different sort of life path to walk..."   

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